Just what is a Scarecrow festival? Well, believe it or not they are held all over the world but appear to be most popular right here in the UK. However, despite the centuries old tradition of using scarecrows to protect crops, the Scarecrow Festival is a relatively new phenomenon with many of them less than 20 years old. 

They are organised as a fun activity, usually similar to a treasure hunt with a map to each one and a voting slip to vote scarecrows covering several categories. Most are associated with some form of fund raising or charity, such as the Holwell Scarecrow Festival for the Garden House Hospice. 


Please come and join us at Holwell’s 5th Annual Scarecrow Festival

Vote for your favourite scarecrow!

(Voting will be on-line for the week after the 3rd of July, or in the village throughout the festival).

Have a go at the “name the scarecrow” competition on-line and maybe even win a prize yourself.

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